The RAK Singles Club

Reviving the RAK Records label since 2014, RAK Singles Club brings you a selection of the best in new music. Recorded in our own studios, mastered to the highest quality and lovingly tucked inside the classic blue bag, each limited edition 7" single features an original A-Side and a brand new cover of a RAK classic as the B-side. Available online and in all good record stores.

For audiences of a certain age RAK Records brings back memories of high quality vinyl, tucked into a blue paper bag and bearing the image of a ship. Throughout the 70's RAK Records was home to a string of hits that dominated the charts.

While the iconic ship design was shelved in favour of more modern formats, RAK lived on as a world class studio and independent publishing house.

RAK are uniquely positioned to invest in new music, giving breaking acts the support to make truly exciting records. With a new generation's discovery of the magic of vinyl, the ritual and the sound, it seemed like it was time to dust off the old blue paper bags and launch a new vinyl label: The RAK Singles Club.

The first acts out of the RAK Singles Club gate epitomise the label's agenda, to shine a spotlight on the best of new music with no restrictions of style or genre - the only conditions are that the music is great and that the bands deserve an audience. The A-sides are original songs written for the project, the B-sides are a modern take on a classic with each artist covering a song from the vaults of RAK's catalogue.

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All RAK Singles Club releases will be available as limited edition 7" vinyl from independent record stores, RAK's online store, and on digital from iTunes and Spotify.

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The Ruminaters

Released 28th August 2017

  • I Wanna Fight
  • You Sexy Thing

Don’t underestimate their rise with their signature sound lying somewhere in the fields of rock – surf, swamp, psyche- delia, garage, rock n roll and more.

“London Calling-era Clash fused with The Strokes” NME Magazine
“Swamp-rock sing-a-long that boldly embraces the band's smirk-n-wink streak” ROLLING STONE

“Fix yourself a sandwich, drop some ice in your lemonade, and ready the projector. It’s time to let a bunch of scallywags with your dad’s old haircut into your heart.” MONSTER CHILDREN 


Released 27th May 2016

  • A: Swallow Me
  • B: Chequered Love

"Shields may single-handedly extend the lifespan of the traditional indie band."

- Paul Lester, The Guardian


Hailing from the cold North, alt-pop five-piece Shields continue to explore their unique brand of riff-fuelled rock on "Swallow Me", while the B-side presents the band's take on Kim Wilde's "Chequered Love", incidentally recorded in the same studio, on the very same desk as the original song.

Kuki And The Bard

Released 15th June 2015

  • A: Dalai Lama
  • B: Journey

"Impossibly cute and flighty, this upbeat honey radiates joyfully with something of a Knife styled kookiness about its wares."

- God Is In The TV


Aged 12 and 15, brother and sister duo Kuki and the Bard make music far beyond their years. "Dalai Lama" is their debut release, lolloping, breezy sun-shaded reggae, with 10% of the bands profits going to the Tibet Relief Fund. B-side "Journey" is an equally winning take on Duncan Browne's classic.

The Cadbury Sisters

Released 2nd December 2014

  • A: Weight Of It
  • B: Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

"A glistening example of their shift from more traditional folk leanings into dreamy pop worlds"

- Line Of Best Fit


Mournful, but with a sweet edge, their harmonies blend like only sisters’ can. The girls are making a name for themselves, winning over Radio 2 and 6 music with a spell-binding heart-rending live show and a sound that's all their own. The B-side cover of the Cockney Rebel hit received rare endorsement from Steve Harley himself.

Beautiful Boy

Released 10th November 2014

  • A: Bodies
  • B: Kids in America

Rising like cream to the top of Brighton's music scene, Beautiful Boy's RAK Singles Club release is produced by RAK's own Grammy-award winning Richard Woodcraft - see that name on a sleeve and you know you are in for a treat. B-side "Kids In America" sees them drag the 80's hit through Phil Spector's ears.

Trojan Horse

Released 27th October 2014

  • A: Meat Eater
  • B: Dance With The Devil

"Like a prisoner granted a brief conjugal visit, the new single from these self-confessed 'noisy prog rock bastards' packs a lot of activity into a short space of time. At various points over the course of its 209-second duration it resembles XTC, the Fall, Supergrass, the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, the Beach Boys in space and Queens Of The Stone Age soundtracking a row about dietary requirements in the Knutsford branch of Little Chef."

- Single Of The Week, The Guardian